About Olonana

Welcome to my Blog….

Here I want to share with you my safari experiences and what I have come to see and learn about Kenya’s parks, reserves and other attractions in my 15 years as a safari/driver guide.

The wildlife and I, we met in my childhood many years ago and looking back I am thankful we did. I now more than ever realize that it was no little privilege living where the animals were never far. The Narok County – home of the Masai Mara is where I grew up.

I have always loved the wild and being a safari driver/guide is a job I truly delight in – to know the inside out upside down of the bush.  Out there, there is no normal day of work. Each safari is a new journey with different discoveries and at times even a new adventure.

It is intriguing to know both the fine and the rugged of Kenya and I hope to offer you a sight of it here or most gladly on safari.


Eric Olonana