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My wife and I had a great safari experience with Eric! We had a seven day adventure starting in Nairobi. We first went to Amboselli and spent 2 days watching large herds of elephants make their daily trek from the foothills of Kilimanjaro to the swaps where there are able to feed with ease. We then set out to Lake Naivasha for a couple of days. We spent a morning exploring Hells Gate and the beautiful gorges by foot. We followed that up with a trip to Crescent Island where encountered giraffes that were used to humans on foot! This meant that we could approach these magnificent animals close enough to observe them from close quarters.
Next, we drove to Masai Mara fro three whole days. We spotted the 4 out of the big 5 (the rhino remained elusive), but we saw cheetahs and lions feeding off a fresh kill, the crossing of the Mara river by the wildebeests and other numerous wondrous sights. We spent 3 days in Mara that also included a hot air balloon ride.
A big part of what made the experience so magical was our guide, Eric. He was so passionate and knowledgeable about the fauna that was abundant and could exactly predict the behavior of so many animals such that we would get to the place where they would eventually come to instead of chasing them (unlike what some of the other guides did). He was patient in explaining the various interesting sights around us and would draw our attention to fauna that we would have missed.
We would wholeheartedly recommend Eric for anyone looking for a guide, he is simply one of the best out here. We know who we will be taking with us when we return to Kenya 🙂
Harish Chandran


When we initially met Eric Olonana our question to him was “will we get to see the big cats?” He replied “keep your fingers crossed.”
All through our Safari Eric was our punctual, safe and courteous driver, but he amazed us with his knowledge of the “wild”. We did not need to keep our fingers crossed for long as we got to see several prides of lion and felt our “Mission Masai Mara” was accomplished.
The migration of the Wildebeest and Zebras at the Mara River Crossing was yet another story. Eric asked us to be patient and our patience did pay off as we saw the poor beasts putting up a brave front and making the crossing and some being sacrificed to the hungry crocodiles or the lions across the river.
Eric ensured that we got to see as many animals as possible. There were a plethora of Giraffes, Cheetah, Ostrich, Elephants, Zebras, six types of Antelopes, Eagles, Vultures, and the list goes on. He had a tale to tell about each of these magnificent creatures.
We were also impressed about his concern for the environment. He always stuck to the path and even picked up a bottle of plastic from the forest.
We were not fortunate to see Leopards and the Black Rhino, but as Eric said, it is always good to leave something incomplete so we have a reason to come back.
By the end of our safari, we realized how lucky we were to have him as our guide. As we departed, it felt like we were saying Goodbye to a dear friend.
As and when we plan our next trip to the Masai, we will be only happy to have Eric as our friend, philosopher, driver, and guide.
Our visit to the Masai Mara was truly a wonderful experience. The vast expanse and the natural beauty of the Savannah’s left us in awe of God’s creation of the “Beautiful People”. A must holiday! The holiday seemed too short and wish we could have stayed longer to travel the length and breadth of this awesome place.


I was so fortunate to receive a trip to Kenya for my 50íes birthday. I turned 50 December 30th 2016. For 42 weeks I could walk around and look forward to this adventurous trip with my family. We left Denmark on a cold October Friday evening and the next morning we arrived in Nairobi where a lifetime experience waited on us.
We met up with our drivers Eric and Salomon and their Toyota land-cruiser on a warm Saturday morning.
We sat out for a 4 days photo safari where we headed for Amboseli National park and 3 days in East and West Tsavo.
It was absolutely amazing – not least an extremely well organized and well prepared pair of drivers who not only drove us around safely but they were also very well informed about the different types of animals and birds and they were very good at sharing their knowledge with us.
It was like they knew exactly where to go in order to get the very best wildlife experiences.
The first day on our trip we went to Amboseli and we were just driving around and had the red landscape surrounding us. We came close to impalas and we could spot the elephants and giraffes from the distance but all of a sudden we came to this swamp area – the reason for this was that in the distance rose Kilimanjaro and apparently the melting water from this legendary mounting gathered in this area and all the different animals came from near and far to give life to their offspring and feed from the life giving water. It was a sight we will never forget.
Another great experience was one day when we were on our way back to our lodge from a long and interesting day out on the savannah. Suddenly Eric got the information that a leopard had been spotted not far away but on the other hand not exactly on the way back to the lodge and what did Eric do – he made up his mind because he wanted to share this rare opportunity with us even though he knew we would not be able to make it back in time. He made a go for it and we got to see the leopard a young male and we almost did make it in time.
This was so typical for Eric – he did everything for his customers for them to get the best experience ever. He and Solomon made our trip memorable.
Thank you for that Eric and Solomon. You guys are really service minded and very interesting spending time with.
Carl Zacho


Our family (my wife and 3 kids age 7, 14, 16) had an amazing trip to Kenya over Christmas 2017. We had the pleasure of spending 7 day with our guide and driver Eric.
After landing in Nairobi, Eric picked us up and drove us to our first stop (Kiangazi House) not fare from Lake Naivasha, where we spend four nights.
On our first trip, we went to Lake Nakuru National Park, were we experienced an amazing sight with all kinds of animals, including a lion attacking a couple of zebras.
The next day spend on sailing on Lake Naivasha we saw hundreds of different birds, while sailing around hippos and the same time could see giraffes, zebras, wildebeests etc. walking on land.
After an overload, of animal’s impressions we spend our last day in that area, going to Hells Gate for a walking trip.
The last part of the trip 3 day’s we were going to spend at Masai Mara. We drove 5-6 hours from Kiangazi House to Entim Camp. Entim Camp an amazing tent camp, with 8 big tents, about one hour inside Masai Mara. The Camp is located with a great view towards the river. We had to drives every day leaving 6:30 in the morning and returning around 11:00, where we would see the sun rises and the animals starting to wake up. The second drive would be around 15:30 and returning before 19:0
Masai Mara was and amazing place and something one would only understand being there.
We managed to see so many animals (except the black Rhinos) and Eric was the perfect guide, not only did he know everything about the animals, and where to position ourselves on the filed but he was great company. Eric was great in telling us about the living in Kenya and Africa in general. My next trip that I am about to plan shortly, I really hope that I can meet up with Eric again as my guide.
Thomas Rudbeck


We had the most wonderfull time . We were with 3 , my wife daughter 14 jrs and me.
We have been on 5 days safaritrip and Erik showed us arround. He has many good contacts . In solio park one of the rangers drove with us and we found so many animals.
very special was that on one day we have seen 5 leoparts . That was most extrodinary. On our trip we have seen many young animals / pups. Hyena, Lion, Leopart, Cheetha ,elephant, Impala, rhino , zebra.
One day we were surrounded by twelf big elephant just at 2 meter distance from our car and there was a baby of one week ( age according eri
we can just say that this trip will be time to remember for our life.
Erik found all the animals we have asked for , he is super skilled.
Thanks and hopefully once again
Peter van Beek Family


My husband and I took our two kids (12 & 9) to Keyna, we did a safari with Eric for 11 days, we visited Samburu National Park, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Lake Nakuru National Park and Masai Mara National Park, it was an absolutely incredible trip and Eric was largely responsible for this.
Eric’s knowledge of the African wildlife, birdlife and terrain in each park was amazing, he has such a passion for what he does and it shows. It was like having a living google search engine in the front seat. Nothing was too much trouble for him, he was always happy, punctual, courteous, helpful and the kids took to him straight away (as did we). It was obvious that he is popular among his peers and he was constantly checking in with them and getting the intel on where the best sightings were. He gave us our space and was always there whenever we needed him.
Eric is also a great photographer and was always giving us good tips – we got some amazing photos because of his knowledge of the animals – we were always in the best spots (I wish you could see all our amazing pics)!
We were lucky enough to see the “Big 5” plus so many more animals on this trip and once again this was because of Eric and his knowledge. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Eric for your next safari – you wont be disappointed.
Annah & Adam Tuohy


We went from Spain to spent a week in Kenia in Nakuru Lake, Amboselli and Masai Mara, and we shared great experiences and good moments with our guide Eric.
He is also a very good driver and has a lot of knowledge about wildlife.
Sure when we will retuned we will be delighted to repeat safari trip with him.
Thanks – Maria Escudero

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