Samburu National Reserve Safari

Samburu National Reserve Safari

The Samburu National Reserve, buffalo springs national reserve and shaba national reserve make up the samburu ecosystem. Thanks to a recently built bridge, it is now easier to traverse the three adjacent parks separated by the river ewaso nyiro.

That samburu is rich in wildlife is without doubt. The big cats are very much there keeping the prey cautious. Large herds of elephant roam free in the park. 400 species of birds have been recorded in Samburu. However the star attractions there are the “five northern species” – rare and endangered animals unique to the parks of north Kenya and seldom found elsewhere. These are the Grevy’s Zebra, Gerenuk, Reticulated Giraffe, Somali Ostrich and Beisa Oryx.

The ewaso nyiro river is a jewel in the mainly arid and semi-arid samburu ecosystem. In the dry season, it attracts large numbers of animals that later fall back in the wet season. This sandy river is a lifeline for the local nomadic communities too. Some of the local samburu, turkana, and borana people stay close to the reserves. They are culturally rich with preserved traditions and make safaris to samburu all the more enlightening with their cultural displays.

It is possible not to get enough of samburu’s beautiful landscape. The sunset seems to always be a play of changing colours. The whole natural scenery; the river bordered by duom palms, the elephant and baboon enjoying the palm fruit, the grazers grazing, the predators watching, the hills bellying –  it is a pulsating picture. Always armed with my telescope, I find the samburu night to be one of the best for sky gazing.

The samburu reserves have come to the limelight a couple of times as scenes of both real and movie dramas. In one of the most rare happenings, Kamunyak – a resident lioness adapted a baby oryx in the the samburu national reserve. It was also one of the places where Elsa the lioness featured in the book and award winning movie born free was raised by the conservationists George and Joy Adamson. The worldwide televised survivor Africa series was shot in the shaba national reserve.

To visit the samburu reserves is the best way to see why they are captivating – there away from the bustle.