Wildlife Blog Collection – Grab your copy!

Wildlife Blog Collection – Grab your copy!

The Wildlife Blog Collection is a compilation of 70 short stories celebrating some of the most memorable and entrancing wildlife moments as told by top nature writers from across the globe. My story is one of them.

The extremely interesting stories were entries by researchers, travelers, guides, conservationists, students…Reading the 300 + pages book is as good as literally being transported across the world in the most exciting adventures.

10% of proceeds from the book will be donated to an organization called Tusk, whose mission is ‘to amplify the impact of progressive conservation initiatives across Africa.’

The book is dedicated to Alex Chalkley, one of the entrants who sadly died a few weeks ago while doing conservation work in Malawi.

Buy your copy of The Wildlife Blog Collection here – https://www.terra-incognita.travel/product/ebook-the-wildlife-blog-collection